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Dental Implants are often painful but only expert like LUMINOUS SMILE DENTAL Dentists can do it with ZERO PAIN! We offer not only painless surgery but also unmatched affordable costs that are not too painful to budget!

Luminous Smile Dental ImplantsFirst let us introduce you the advantage of our DENTAL IMPLANTS compared to other methods of improving teeth.

Remember that there are many ways to solve dental problems. Some are quick but short-term while some are quite needs time but long-term in benefits!

Here we go.

  1. Dental Implants replicate the natural tooth thus make your face younger compared to not using the root structure of a  natural tooth. Meaning, you face will look older when you do not choose implants because implants will literally restore the root structure synthetically.
  2. When you choose implants there will be no loose parts because of the stability and 100% comfortable unlike choosing the traditional way of fixing natural tooth issues.
  3.  In the long run, it will be with you forever! Why and how come? As what we have said the implants will replicate the root as real tooth. No more replacement needed only PROPER HYGIENE! Therefor it will last longer! Just do not abuse it.
  4. Considering the fact that it looks like a real teeth, you will feel that there is nothing happened! Precisely, it seems like your teeth is born again!
  5. Once and for all, if your tooth and the root itself are broken, dental implants is the best solution – a permanent solution indeed!

What is Dental Implant?

What is Dental Implant once and for all? As what we have said this is literally implanting a teeth to the damaged tooth. It gives the patient a new teeth but artificially done. However, a natural teeth and an implanted teeth are almost similar in feel and quality. This is the reason why implant is the most in demand and most searched dental services because a a lot of people are enjoying its benefits in the long run!

Now let us elaborate this furthermore by describing how it is done and implemented. By definition, a dental implant is a titanium post almost similar to tooth root that is surgically put into the jawbone below the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge into that area.

Technically speaking, in order for a new teeth to reborn, we need to use a post so that we can insert or mount any teeth replacement, or bridge. The results? Exactly, your teeth is almost reborn into a new brand new beginning but with more stability!

How Dental Implant works?

We already defined implant earlier and now we need to elaborate how does it work and how is it being done.

  1. first and foremost the patient must be examined, interviewed, and fill up some information for security purposes.
  2. Second, all materials and tools are being prepared that are 100% CLEAN, SANITIZED, and HIGH-END
  3. We will remove the damaged teeth
  4. Your jawbone will be checked and involves bone grafting process
  5. When your jawbones are already in good condition, we will now implant the metal post into it PAINLESSLY!
  6. We need to wait for everything to be healed before to proceed to the next surgery process.
  7. Abutment will be put then the molds prior to your teeth and eventually the final teeth or tooth
  8. You do not need to worry about the PAIN because our DENTISTS are too expert to make this surgery so PAINLESS!DENTAL IMPLANTS

How Much is the Dental Implant?

Well the cost or price of implant depends on the quality of materials used and of course on how expert your dentist is! Beware of choosing cheap implant that compromise the quality as it will impact your life forever!

Anyway, speaking of the price, LUMINOUS SMILE DENTAL is too generous by always giving PROMOS and DEALS! But wait there is more! the cost of our dental implant never affect the quality as our dentists believe on the adage that WE MUST IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE no matter what the outcome!

Giving up to 89% OFF SAVINGS is our GRATITUDE for the TRUST because our dentists are overwhelmed with blessings and favors from  above. And mind you, our calling to provide the best QUALITY and best PRICE is always in our hearts! Do Contact or CALL US for the PRICES as we used to give assistance personalty for better understanding.

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